Southern Cross Schools upholds the following fundamental values:

Spirit    Tenacity    Acceptance    Respect    Sustainability

The same values are adopted across the whole school via an introduction process within the Pre-school years, and then the development of these values by our older children in the Prep-school, so that over time, they will eventually uphold and live by these principles in the College and in life going forward.

An acronym was found for these values which made it simpler and easier to work with, and it was agreed on Southern Cross ‘S.T.A.R.S’, each of the letters representing a value.

S – Spirit 

Learning the importance of treating our friends as we would like to be treated to build a happy and productive environment.

Growing a sense of togetherness and building a proudly unique identity.

Celebrating who we are.

T – Tenacity

Giving all things a go – even when things are difficult we like to learn from our mistakes.

Tackling challenges with determination even if the going gets tough.

Turning problems into solutions and opportunities.

A – Acceptance

Welcoming and discovering the uniqueness of everyone and accepting one another’s differences.

Celebrating one another’s uniqueness and understanding we all play a part in our success.

Embracing one another’s uniqueness.

R – Respect

Learning to respect ourselves and others. We nurture appropriate manners.

Remembering to give ourselves and others 100% respect, 100% of the time.

Giving ourselves and others 100% respect, 100% of the time.

S – Sustainability

Exploring the importance of our environment and learning that each of us has a role to play.

Lending a hand to our environment and helping where we can to sustain life on Earth. “WE” can make a difference!

Passionately minimising our impact on the planet.


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